Now more than ever, Progressive Roofing has proven that we hold safety as a top priority. This is easily demonstrated by our current EMR which is at an all-time low; .54 for 2018.  This is a result of our pre-job safety planning, dedicated installation crews, adherence to OSHA regulations and world class accident prevention team.


Our Safety Department is led by the Safety Director and Safety Coordinators that are all OSHA 500 certified, RSO qualified and combined have over 100 years of experience.  The Safety Departments’ field personnel installs guard rails, life line systems, adds protection to skylights, holes and openings, creates site specific safety plans, performs random inspections and continuous training for employees.


The success of your project depends on our ability to deliver both quality and safety to the project site, on time and within budget. The business philosophy of our senior management team makes certain that safety strategies are communicated daily to our project teams. Having worked on many high profile projects with unique safety challenges, you can trust that the Safety Department of Progressive Roofing is ready to meet any challenge.