Can birds cause damage to commercial roofing?

Yes, they can and will.  

The majority of bird species will nest in trees. However, due to overpopulation, shortage of foliage, or urban development, birds may nest in gutters, drains, andBird Roof Damge scuppers which can cause ponding and premature aging of some commercial roofing systems. Moreover, bird droppings contain high levels of uric acid which can damage some roofing material especially in conjunction with other factors such as  UV radiation.  

Many modern roof systems are made of materials that can resist uric acid in moderation. However, proper annual roof maintenance to remove high concentrations of bird waste along with bird nesting habitats is essential to the longevity of your commercial roof.  In addition, birds’ beaks are designed to dig and cut their way into material like trees (wood) in order to eat insects, larva and other forage. If there is forage on a commercial roof the bird does not make that distinction of where the food is but merely will peck its way until it is successful at retrieving it causing damage. Our experienced commercial roofing technicians can help identify these small penetrations before they cause premature damage to your roof system. This can simply be done by signing up with a comprehensive annual or semiannual inspection and preventive maintenance program with Progressive Roofing.  

January 2021 on a small roof section of City Hall for the City of Glendale (Arizona).


High concentration of pigeon dropping, molted feathers and other debris.

Bird Commercial Roof Damage

All debris was removed, washed, primed and installed polyester-reinforced asphalt emulsion.


The final step was to coat with an acrylic elastomeric fluid-applied coating.

Before and After