Branding with Roof-top Logos:

For Google Earth

In the past, roof-top branding has been viewed as a gimmick. These logos for the most part can only be seen from Progressive Roofingplanes, unless you have a sloped roof in which a logo can be seen from the highway.  However, any branding that can be seen by thousands a day is not a gimmick.

Roof-top branding for decades was primarily used near airports in which they can be seen by thousands per day on takeoffs and landings. Roof-top branding is also used by large venues like stadiums in major cities.  Moreover, this free advertising space circumvents many of the various restrictive ordinances on signage that is imposed on businesses.

Due to technological advances, roof-top branding may be beneficial outside the traditional boundaries of airport flight paths. How? Imagine going on Google to search for a type of a business. You switch to satellite view to find familiar landmarks and familiarize yourself with the area. When doing so, you see the roof top of a business with a logo or message on it. It takes months and possibly a year for Google Earth to update satellite imaging, but it will happen in time. While you wait, you can bring awareness to your roof-top branding by contributing images to Google Earth yourself.

Our Portland location shows how easily this can be done on an existing roof. This office is located at 13021 NE David Circle, Portland, OR 97230. The project was just completed in February 2018. The roof system is a 38,000 square foot, mechanically attached GAF 60 MIL TPO over ½” HD cover board and the logo consisted of Blue TPO welded on to the roof. You soon will be able to view the logo when doing a simple search on Google Earth!