2022 Stand-Down

May 9th, 2022|

Last week, Progressive Roofing in Dallas participated in the 2022 National Safety Stand-down. A national event to help prevent falls in construction and potentially other hazards that occur on the job site. What types of falls could happen: Falls from ladders/Fixed ladders Falls from a roof Falls from a scaffold Falls down a flight of stairs Falls from structural steel Falls through a floor or roof opening Falls through a fragile roof surface Weather, work environment and time of day can be factors in presenting different hazardous work conditions. Crews participate in thoughts and ideas [...]

Foremen Meeting 2020

February 13th, 2020|

Every year Progressive Roofing holds a foremen meeting. All foremen from every branch attend this meeting which encompasses safety, human resources, preventive maintenance, singly ply, tile, foam, coating, BUR, and sheet metal roofing. One of the main focuses of this meeting is safety. The purpose is to personally ensure that each foreman understands Progressive Roofing's safety protocols, which go above and beyond OSHA standards and how to put these protocols into practice. Progressive Roofing strives to assure that every employee who comes to work goes home safely every single day. Progressive Roofing has benchmarked the practice of using servant leadership [...]

Safety Fest ‘Texas Style’ in the Big D

May 3rd, 2019|

Once again the Texans do it bigger than the rest:  This time it was the 2nd Annual Safety Fest in the Big D of Duncanville, Texas! At 7:30am, on a beautiful Texas spring April morning, Progressive Roofing Texas' General Manager, Bruce Ivers, started the festivities.  He welcomed over 80 roofers, foremen and superintendents to participate in a full day of hands-on safety exercises and training.  They were joined by not only by our supporting vendors, but also our special guests, the Duncanville Police Department and the Duncanville Fire Department (more below). After the traditional coffee and [...]

Hiring a Safe Contractor

April 23rd, 2018|

Hiring a Safe Contractor is Important to Your Bottom line When a real estate developer, commercial building owner or school hire a contractor to perform work they are entering into a contractual relationship where safety can affect their bottom line.  Construction is an industry of risk where injuries and even fatalities will occur.  Overall nonfatal injuries are more prevalent in healthcare and agriculture than construction, however more serious and fatal injuries occur in manufacturing and construction.[i] Although, fatalities are on a decline since 2003 they still remain high.[ii] In 2016, the private industry had 4,693 fatalities and [...]

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