Commercial Roof Maintenance:

With any roof, the primary cause of premature failure is a lack of commercial roof maintenance. There is a saying in the construction industry, “roofs account for only 10% of construction costs but 90% of the potential problems down the road”.  A small roof leak can have a trickle-down effect in terms of physical damage, loss of business, and overall negative productivity.  Not only does the water cause damage to the roof system but it can damage the usable space of the building; including drywall, ceiling tiles, and even expensive equipment. Moreover, a simple leak can cause a reduction in employee productivity and customer satisfaction. This trickle-down effect can cause your bottom line to suffer.

Many leaks can go unnoticed from below for a long amount of time. Water will damage insulation and decking and over time cause expensive damage to the integrity of the roofing structure. Moreover, mold growth is prevalent in these types of conditions.

It is viable that commercial business owners take a proactive stance on roof maintenance rather than reactive. Progressive Roofing’s comprehensive preventive maintenance plan backed by an easy-to-use browser-based interface makes roof maintenance easy so business owners can concentrate on their core functions.

” Depending on the facility’s current maintenance practices, present equipment reliability, and facility downtime, there is little doubt that many facilities purely reliant on reactive maintenance could save much more than 18% by instituting a proper preventive maintenance program.”  -The U.S. Department of Energy

Healthcare Facilities

Commercial Roof Maintenace

CMS regulations require that all physical plants of healthcare facilities be maintained and developed in a manner to ensure the safety and well being of patients.

Maintaining the physical plant of healthcare facilities is essential to provide optimal patient care. The facility’s roof is the first line of defense against external elements which can cause damage to building materials, internal equipment, and patient satisfaction.

Just one leak can damage expensive leased or owned medical devices. Water and eventually mold can invade essential gas lines.

A facility’s roofing system does not just protect the inside of a physical plant from external elements, but it also holds your facility’s ventilation and HVAC systems.

In compliance with CMS rules as well as The Joint Commission (EC.02.05.01), these systems are checked far more often than other industries.

This extra foot traffic on the roof system can cause premature wear and possible failure.

Warehouse & Cold Storage

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Progressive Roofing understands that storage is very important to logistics and to the operations of supply chains. Progressive Roofing provides a full spectrum of services:

•New Construction
•Reroof or Replacement
•Preventive Maintenance

Maintaining the physical plant of warehouse facilities is essential in day-to-day operations. The facility’s roof protects against external elements that will cause damage to inventory as well as disrupt the flow in and out of the facility. Progressive Roofing has the experience and is equipped to provide for the unique needs of cold storage facilities.

Recent Projects

• McLane Foods: 2014 – Present multiple services
• Sysco Foods: 2019 Reroof – Tolleson, AZ
• XPO Logistic: 2018 New Construction
• Prologis: 2016 Reroof for Kroger
• Nestle/Dreyer’s 2015 Reroof


Commercial Roof Maintenance

Every parent and educator strives to protect our children. Schools represent the foundation of every community from the big cities to small towns. The school’s roof acts as a shield of defense against the elements.  Roofs protect the classroom and thus the children to ensure that they have the best learning environment possible.  Progressive Roofing is your community’s partner in protecting the classroom. We offer the following:

•New Construction
•Reroof or Replacement
•Preventive Maintenance

In addition, Progressive Roofing’s many branches belong to purchasing cooperatives. These purchasing organizations allow for school administrators to complete maintenance projects quickly without duplicating the bid process.  This option is imperative for school systems that do not have a large purchasing department as well as allowing ones that do to save valuable time and resources.

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Corporations and REIT

For any business, the main goal is to make a profit. Reducing preventable overhead is imperative for success.  Neglecting a building’s roof will lead to unnecessary costs that will exponentially grow. This negative growth is not only a repair cost can also cause premature depreciation of the property.

For example, if you are a retailer and have a roof leak that has gone unresolved it will cause:

  • Damage to the physical building
  • Negative shrink through damaged inventory
  • Undesirable retail metrics
  • Negative shopping experience

Providing a quality shopping experience is necessary for maintaining key metrics like customer retention. Don’t let a preventable roof issue cause unnecessary bad situations that could lead to poor reviews and lost clientele.

We currently work with many national retailers, corporations, and REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) throughout the country.

“While preventive maintenance is not the optimum maintenance program, it does have several advantages over a purely reactive program. By performing the preventive maintenance as the equipment designer envisioned, we will extend the life of the equipment closer to design. This translates into dollar savings.

Preventive maintenance (lubrication, filter change, etc.) will generally run the equipment more efficiently resulting in dollar savings. While we will not prevent equipment from catastrophic failures, we will decrease the number of failures. Minimizing failures translates into maintenance and capital cost savings.”

Source U.S. Department of Energy [Operations & Maintenance Best Practices: A Guide to Achieving Operational Efficiency]