Every year Progressive Roofing holds a foremen meeting. All foremen from every branch attend this meeting which encompasses safety, human resources, preventive maintenance, singly ply,2020 Formen meeting tile, foam, coating, BUR, and sheet metal roofing.
One of the main focuses of this meeting is safety. The purpose is to personally ensure that each foreman understands Progressive Roofing’s safety protocols, which go above and beyond OSHA standards and how to put these protocols into practice. Progressive Roofing strives to assure that every employee who comes to work goes home safely every single day.
Progressive Roofing has benchmarked the practice of using servant leadership techniques in training their foremen, as well as others, in areas that they are not directly responsible for like human resources. When foremen understand some of the processes that occur in human resources on staffing and recruiting, they can better assist this department as well as forecast staffing of their own projects.  Having this insight allows them to be better foremen and team members.
Continuing education is very important to the Progressive family. It is important to learn new advances and to be refreshed on older technology.  Foremen received intense training in the areas of singly ply, tile, foam, coating, BUR (Built-up Roofing), and sheet metal. Foremen learned a lot in the annual meeting, from learning new installation techniques to new advances in products from the manufacturers themselves.  At the same time, Foreman was refreshed on older methodologies and products.
Progressive Roofing strives to be the best commercial roofing company by having the best employees. You cannot be one without having the other. Foremen are on the front lines that help Progressive maintain this standard of being the best.