Infrastructure and Utility Roofing: example

Our nation’s infrastructure is important to the communities they serve. In the area of Tucson, water is not just important but a vital necessity. The Clearwell Reservoir is the largest water source Roofing Infrastructurefor the greater Tucson area. Constructed in 1994, the Clearwell Reservoir holds 60 million gallons of water.

Starting in 2016, the rehabilitation of the Clearwell Reservoir began. PCL Construction was the general contractor. PCL Construction specializes in these types of projects. They have a special sector of the PCL group that works exclusively on water infrastructure projects. Progressive Roofing is proud to be able to perform many special projects through the years including infrastructure and utility roofing. In 2017, Progressive Roofing was chosen to remove the existing roof panels and replace them with 145,800 square feet of BEMO two-coat Kynar prefinished aluminum mechanically seamed panels that were roll-formed on-site per specifications by Progressive Roofing.  We also provided new walkway plans and lifeline fall restraint at the new equipment hatch.

PCL received an award from the Southern Arizona Branch of the American Public Works Association in February of 2019 for the project.

The Clearwell Reservoir Rehabilitation project is a 60-million-gallon potable water reservoir located in Tucson, AZ. The original reservoir was built in 1993 and consisted of two equal-sized cells that held 30-million gallons of water. The rehabilitation consisted of replacing the existing liner and repairing the concrete substrate to improve the seismic stability. New structural steel was installed and a new synthetic rubber liner replaced the existing rubber liner of the reservoir. HDR was the design engineer on this project. read more here

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