The best way to reduce costs and downtime is by choosing a PROACTIVE maintenance strategy.


REACTIVE maintenance is not efficient.  If you wait until something occurs you are not “maintaining” your roofing system but rather “repairing it.”


As many facility managers know, the cost of waiting to repair engineered systems when they fail far exceeds the cost of maintaining them.


A roofing system is an engineered system that needs to be maintained independently, not treated as just a component of the whole building envelop.


The success and failure of the entire building envelop are dependent on the success and failure of the roofing system.

Preventive Maintenance

• Completing housekeeping tasks and any minor repairs on an annual or biannual basis is not just routine but a requirement of roofing manufacturer warranties.

• Failure to perform routine preventive maintenance could void the roofing system’s warranty as well as cost a significant amount of money and time to repair the damage.

• In some cases, the whole roofing system may need to be replaced.

Proactive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a requirement of roofing manufacturer warranties. The longer you wait to perform preventive maintenance the more it will cost in the future.

Proactive Maintenance
Condition: HVAC Repair

A lot of different chemical solutions are used to repair HVAC equipment. Unfortunately, these same chemical solutions can prematurely deteriorate roofing membranes.

Conditioned-Based Maintenance (CBM)

• Unlike mechanical systems that have internal sensors to monitor for a “condition” to alert when repairs are needed, roofing systems rely on external monitoring.

• Weather tracking is one such monitoring system for the roofing industry.

• When an adverse weather event occurs it is important to perform a condition-based inspection of the roofing system.

• Human monitoring is also essential for condition-based maintenance. For example, other trades can inadvertently cause damage to roofing components, like dropping a sharp tool into the roof membrane.

Predictive Maintenance 

• Using the principles of both preventive and condition-based methods, predictive maintenance uses computer-based applications to forecast work orders.

• Progressive Roofing is unique in this area by utilizing cloud-based roofing application software.

• This software adds value for clients at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

• Progressive Roofing uses data collected within the software to predict future maintenance.

• Collected roofing data is analyzed in conjunction with industry and internal benchmarks.

• Predicting future maintenance will allow facility managers, property managers and administrators to forecast capital budgets with better precision.

• Clients have access to the software anytime and can control access within their organization.

• Application is mobile and convenient.