Recently, the team at Progressive Roofing – Phoenix took on a significant part of a comprehensive project designated by the Arizona Cardinals:  Renaming their Re-branding a Roofhome (Rebrand the Roof), The University of Phoenix Stadium.  This year, the AZ Cardinals signed a new naming rights partner for the stadium, State Farm.  The project entailed a total rebrand of the entire stadium.

The task at hand for the team at Progressive Roofing was at first glance quite simple.  However, from a roofing perspective, this was a very detailed and meticulous project.

As seen in photos below, the results from an aerial view turned out to be visually stunning.

Scope of Work details for the roofing part of the project included:

1) Power-wash existing panels.
2) Prime clean membrane with TPO primer. In this project GAF TPO Red Primer was used.
3) Coat prime surface with RoofMate TCM.
4) Roll on stencil design provided by Royal Sign Company;  align as necessary.
5) Use Pinwheel outline and charcoal pounce bag to transfer logo design.
6) Mark off design and apply custom color Kymac coating -2 passes
*Warranty Provided by GAF
Arizona Cardinals

Fun Facts – Arizona Cardinals:

  • History dating back to 1898 in Chicago.
  • They are the oldest continuously run professional football team in the United States.
  • Name derived from faded maroon jerseys from the University of Chicago, termed “Cardinal Red”
  • Moved to St. Louis in 1960 then moved to Phoenix in 1988
State Farm Arizona Cardinals

Interesting State Farm History

  • Founded by retired farmer and insurance salesman George Jacob Mecherle (June 7, 1877 – March 10, 1951). He started State Farm Insurance because he was dissatisfied by the high premiums farmers had to pay.
  • The jingle for the slogan “Like a Good Neighbor” was created by Barry Manilow for a flat fee of $500