Progressive Roofing

Our Customer portal allows you to have access to your roofing asset information in real time. Manage your roofing portfolio anywhere with internet access.

Understanding System Hierarchy

The access point system has a strict hierarchy on its database structure. When accessing records in your system, it will be as follows:

  1. Company Level – Here you will see a list of your properties.
  2. Property Level -Here you will see a list of roof sections of a specific property that was selected under the company level.  You may refer this as sites, buildings, etc.
  3. Section Level – Here will see and have access to specific inspection content. You may refer to these as roof areas, firewall to firewall, etc.

Company Level

Sites: Display a list of all of your properties with locations, total square feet and overall grade of roof (after inspection).

Service Dispatch: Access you past and current service dispatches for all of your properties and with updated time stamps.

Ops: Access any past capital projects for all of your properties.

Budget Matrix: Emergency, remedial, and replacement budget information for all of your properties.

Add additional portal users or edit existing ones.
Access advanced service, capital, and budget reports.
Contact us via email.
Print or save a PDF list of your properties.
 Request service for one of your properties.

Property Level

Sections: Displays a list of your properties in sections, square feet, estimated install year, and grade.

Documents: Access and upload any property related documents like warranty paperwork.

Budget Matrix: Set your repair/replacement budgets for this specific property.

Roof Replacement: View any replacement proposals for this property.

Ops: View OPM reports from capital projects for this property.

Section Level

Composition: View any composition photos to see the layers of the roofing system of this section.

Observations: View observations photos, videos and/or roof drawings for this roof section.

Condition Summary: View your active deficiency information and locations for this roof section. \

Recommendations: View our professional recommended next action and condition grading for this roof section.


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