School Roof Installation during Covid19

Even with all the restrictions due to the Covid19 pandemic, there is a need to progress and this includes school roofing. Currently, Progressive Roofing is part of the team of great contractors school rworking with CTA Architects and Langlas and Associates in building the new Gallatin High School located in Bozeman, Montana.

Like many of today’s high schools, Gallatin High is a large building. Progressive Roofing is in charge of installing over 180,000 square feet of a new roofing system. The system is Carlisle Sure Tough EPDM .060. Currently, we are approximately 95% complete. Working during a pandemic can be difficult but Progressive Roofing set and implemented guidelines for essential employees almost immediately. These policies and procedures were supplemented in Progressive Roofing’s comprehensive safety program.  Moreover, the general contractor Langlas and Associates put in place procedures specific to this project. Progressive Roofing’s safety program easily adapted to these site directives.

An excerpt from the Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Langlas and Associates came up with a list of procedures everyone had to follow at the site to keep workers safe from the aggressive virus. The number of people visiting the site has been limited, workers have to wash their hands when they enter the site, stay at least 6 feet away from others, and have their temperatures checked every morning. If different trades need to use the same area, they use different schedules. In a 300,000-square-foot building, there’s plenty of room for workers to stay 6 feet apart, Swinehart said. “I am really encouraged that we’re still on track,” said Gallatin High Principal Erica Schnee. “Langlas has been outstanding in keeping the workplace safe.”

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