Staff Spotlight: Brian Kiszka, Texas

This year, we’ve begun thinking more about personal choices – how they define us, what they mean for our future, and the impact they have on the people and places around us. So with this in mind, we set out to meet some of our people – and introduce you to one of them this month, Brian Kiszka.  Brian, who is part of the Dallas team, has chosen to work with us and make a difference  Brian Kiszka, Texasin Texas and to the customers, he works with.

Interview: Brian Kiszka, Lead Estimator, Progressive Roofing, Texas.

1.        Hello Brian, Please tell us about what you do for Progressive Roofing.

I am the Lead Estimator and Project Manager for the Dallas Location.

2.        Where you are from?  What are your favorite hobbies and sports teams?

I’m from Northwest Indiana, about 30min outside of Chicago.  I love the Chicago Bears, Blackhawks, and the Cubs. Golfing is my favorite hobby.

3.        Tell us what you love about Texas.  What do you think is funny (or even a bit strange) about TX when you moved here?

I love the weather and the growing economy. In Texas, the flag and state symbol are on everything.  No other state does that that I know of.  Also, a minor snow flurry will shut the city down and cause 1,000 accidents.  Everything is a “Coke”;  never say Pepsi or pop.

4.        What would you like Progressive Roofing customers to know about our company?  What do you specifically love about what you do?

Our versatility within the trade. With the level of experience we have throughout the company, we can virtually solve any waterproofing problem and self-perform it around the world.

Thank you, Brian.