Progressive Roofing is always proud to be part of preserving history. The Tumwater Historic Brewery Tower is a symbolic landmark for the pacific northwest. Located at 3223 78th Ave Southwest and owned by the city of Tumwater since 2016 when it was donated. Tours of Brewery Tower have been limited due to safety concerns during its preservation. The brewery was founded by Leopold Friederich Schmidt in 1896 under the name Capital Brewing Company.(it was not until 1902 that it was named Olympia Brewing Company). The tower was constructed in 1909 under Olympia Brewing Company.

Today, the Old Brewhouse stands as Tumwater’s most important architectural landmark. It is a symbol of the crucial role the Olympia Brewing Company played in the history of our community, and the last reminder of the flourishing riverside industries that once formed the heart of this town. The Old Brewhouse influenced the design of dozens of new buildings in the region including Tumwater’s City Hall, Fire Station, and the Timberland Regional Library in Tumwater.

On the “Watch List” of the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation, the Brewhouse is at the core of Tumwater’s Historic District. The City has taken a number of actions designed to protect the Old Brewhouse. These have included adopting Comprehensive Plan goals and policies to “protect designated … national landmarks” and “encourage the development of the Tumwater Historic Commercial Zoning District.” The brewhouse was donated to the City of Tumwater to be preserved and restored in April 2016.

In 2017, emergency repairs were made to the Brewhouse to weatherize and prevent further decay. The work included construction of a temporary roof, window coverings, and other repair measures identified as critical to short-term protection. Read More