Colorado Mills Mall received major hail damage in 2017. The mall is located at 14500 W. Colfax Ave, Lakewood, Colorado. The mall was hit by a historic hail storm in May of 2017.

The hail storm caused major damage and loss of revenue for retailers and mall owners- Simon Property Group. Not only was it a loss of revenue but hundreds of employees that worked at the mall were affected as well. It was important that the repair of the mall was done as quickly as possible. Beck Group was a great choice as general contractor for this project.


Progressive Roofing was chosen as the subcontractor to reroof the mall’s 1 million-plus square foot roof. Progressive Roofing is a single-source roofing contractor which is very important to expedite the repair. The over 1 million square foot of roofing had to be torn off and replaced, adhering to their environmental responsibilities, Progressive Roofing was also able to recycle approximately 75 semi loads of insulation board removed in the tear-off.

The whole roofing project was completed very quickly in 3 months. New Sarnatherm Iso 1/2″ coverboard was install and covered with Sika Sarnafil S-327 PVC membrane.

Reroofing over 1 million square feet in 3 months is a job well done. It is imperitive that the mall be water tight so all other repairs inside the mall could be done expeticously. Progressive Roofing’s expedited work allowed for the mall to fully reopen within a short 6 month time frame.

Project Overhead Photos