Denton County Juvenile Center 

Working within the Denton County Juvenile Center is not an easy task.  Communication between construction crews, project management, and facility personnel is key to the success of the Denton-county-juvenile-centerproject. Coordination between Progressive Roofing and facility staff was in real-time in order to allow a smooth transition of children from one location to another.  

Progressive Roofing performs 99% of all work which sets them apart from other contractors. Moreover, all workers are e-verified making Progressive Roofing a perfect match for high-security settings.  

The project consisted of; McElroy metal-over-metal roof recover system (retrofit), 2” eps flu fill with 16” 238t standing seam panels in metallic silver. 

Progressive Roofing handled this project with the utmost diligence….stellar job” – Nathan Mcquillan, Lead Architect 

“This was a difficult project. Yet, each member of the [Progressive Roofing] crew took ownership of their job.” – Matt Marick, Assistant Director of Juvenile Probation for Denton County.  


 To read more about retrofit roofing systems are beneficial for schools please go here. 


210 S. Woodrow Lane
Denton, TX 76205-6304

 Juvenile Detention Center is within the jurisdiction of the Denton County Juvenile Justice System located at 210 South Woodrow Lane, Denton, TX.

Detention centers are for youth who are detained under specific circumstances set by Texas statute. They hold youth that are awaiting court dates or placement in a residential facility.

The facility provides supervision of youth in a safe, secure and humane environment. Services for youth include education, mental health, substance abuse, and health care. Medical and mental health are contracted services. Educational services are funded by the Department of Education through local school districts.

A typical day in secure detention would involve hygiene, meals, school, structured physical and educational activities, and court appearance as scheduled. The average length of stay in secure detention is approximately 10 days.

Please contact the Superintendent if interested in donating time and/or resources to enhance detention program activities.