Phoenix Police Department – Property Management Bureau

The service department of Progressive Roofing [Phoenix] has completed a roof restoration project for the City of Phoenix and the Police Department. The Property Management Bureau of the Phoenix Police Department is located at 100 East Elwood Street. The Property Management Division is responsible for storing property as well as evidence that has been entrusted to it by state law. So it is very important that the building envelop, that stores this material, be sealed from external elements like weather and security threats. If the roof fails then all other parts of the envelop also will fail.

The roof size is approximately 62,500 square feet with a built-up roof system. Using a liquid-applied monolithic (seamless) coating is a viable option to restore the integrity of a distressed built-up roof system. Restoration with the liquid applied method can save on facility costs by preventing the need for a full roof replacement thus extending the lifespan and integrity of the roof system.

Everest Systems LLC is the manufacture used on this project. The Everest System product used is Evercoat HT White which is a high tensile elastomeric coating. Evercoat HT has industry-leading tensile and elongation properties that contribute to its durability as a long-lasting membrane with exceptional resistance to weathering.

This project was completed on time (less than a month) with no adverse issues on 04/07/2021.